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Diabetes Self Management Education Program at Southampton Hospital

Southampton Hospital is hosting a series of free monthly lectures, “Living with Diabetes” as part of the hospital’s program for diabetes self management education.

As diabetes is now growing to an epidemic level, where 1.8Million Americans are diagnosed each year, Southampton Hospital is seeking to provide a comprehensive program of diabetes self management, education and care within our area to better serve our community and town of Southampton.
This program is accredited by American Diabetes Association and has been in effect in Southampton Hospital since 2003.
The lecture series is open to the public and individual counseling sessions will be provided with a physician referral. Brochures, education materials and lecture handouts will be provided.
Medicare basic benefits cover for counseling under (MNT) Medical Nutrition Therapy. Outside of Medicare, patients need to check their individual HMO coverage.

Living with Diabetes lecture series will include:

  • Learning to live with Diabetes; Basics of Eating and Meal Planning;
  • Oral Medications and Insulin; Monitoring your Diabetes and Managing Blood Glucose;
  • Sick day rules, Complications of untreated diabetes, Foot care, Hypo and Hyperglycemia.

Our program will focus on giving people with diabetes the ability to self manage their disease through nutrition, exercise, medication, and monitoring, blood glucose levels. Patients will learn how to cope with stress and psychosocial adjustments and how to detect and prevent chronic complications for improved health and wellness.

Our Diabetes Educator, Janet O’Grady, MSRD, CDE, CDN is the program coordinator.

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